Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dog Food: Healthy Option (My Review)

Wellness CORE Grain Free Dog Food Review

Wellness CORE Benefits Your Dog because…

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken Recipe is healthy, 100% natural grain free dog food for adult dogs made with turkey, chicken, salmon oil and fruits and vegetables to help support your dog’s optimal health

It provides essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 encourage healthy cellular activity, a shiny coat and disease resistance by boosting immunity.

CORE Dog Foods have live active probiotics, prebiotics and fiber to promote a healthy intestinal tract and overall digestive health for your 4 legged family member.


It also helps by providing the following:

  • Proper essential nutrients promote healthy eyes, teeth and gums.
  • High Protein levels increase lean muscle mass and the ability to burn excess fat and calories.
  • Fruit and Veggie Antioxidants improve your dog’s overall nutrition.
  • High quality carbohydrates provide a daily energy boost for your dog.

The taste and nutrition of a protein based formula.


With 80% more meat than traditional dog foods containing grains, CORE supports the raw feeding philosophy to provide an extremely high level of meat.


CORE products are 100% free of grain and animal by-products, while remaining flavor-full of meaty protein.


At the heart of every tasty CORE bite is a careful balance of natural ingredients for a nutrient-dense meal your pets can sink their teeth into.

A premium, all-natural, grain-free, high-protein dry dog food.

Wellness CORE Dog Foods care for your animals from the inside out, and your dog’s long-term well-being is at the CORE of everything they do. That’s why they’ve developed an extensive quality assurance program, guaranteeing that their products are safe, pure and balanced.

Their goal is to help you provide a healthy, happy, long life for your pet through the power of natural nutrition using a small number of simple, pure, authentic ingredients. They are passionate about providing your pet with safe, uncompromising nutrition.

Testimonials Submitted By Dog Owners:

Submitted by Yorkie Addict: (5 out of 5 Star Rating)


I recently bought a Toy Yorkie, this will be my third fur baby. I brought her home and slowly switched her over to Royal Canin for Yorkshire Terrier puppies. Within a week her eyes were tearing so bad I was washing her face in the morning and at night.

A few days later she started developing bad constipation and would cry when she had to poo. I took her to the vet and got no help, since they endorse Royal Canin and Eukanuba, breed specific formula’s. I got a second, third and fourth opinion and they all recommended switching to a hypoallergenic food/grain free. Been there, done that… It didn’t work.

I finally found a holistic vet that recommended Wellness Core because it did not contain Beet Pulp. She stated that beet pulp is used as a filler/stool hardener and is found in most premium brands. It can cause tear staining and other digestive problems. Out of curiosity I headed to my local PetsMart to look at ingredients in all the premium dog foods. Sure enough beet pulp was found in all of them. Out of 20+ varieties of puppy food I only found 3 foods that contained no beet pulp.

I bought a small bag to try for month. Her constipation was gone the first week. The watery eyes totally stopped around the third week. I was terrified I bought a sick puppy, since she was Toy and inherently can have a lot of heath problems. It has been 2 months since I switched her to Core. She is healthy, playful and full of energy. Her silky coat is gorgeous and no longer dry and brittle.

After spending 300+ dollars on vet bills. It was a very hard lesson, learned. I have switched all my dogs over to Core and they all seem to have more energy, clear eyes and a healthy coat.

I am grateful Amazon carries the large bag since it is a huge savings compared to the price at any chain pet store.

I will continue to buy this product and recommend it to any new puppy owners.

Submitted by Terry Mosley: (5 out of 5 Star Rating)

Had to switch my other dogs food Acana meadowland to Wellness. So glad that I did. They are thriving. I got a baby GSD and wasn’t sure if this was good for “large breed”. My GSD loves this food and looks great. The last vet checkup said she is doing wonderful

Good luck with your search for healthy options for your 4 legged canine member of your family!